Know more about your crawl space

Know more about your crawl space

87yA crawl space is a space which is located on the floor of your home. This space is characterized by a limited height and does not necessarily have to consist of a single open completely. It used to be a crawl space was always open continuously. That is now no longer so. Several property owners choose namely to make certain compartments in their crawl space. These are separated from each other by means of walls which makes it is made more difficult, for example, in order to isolate at one time the entire crawl space. You should also keep in mind that the crawl space as the name suggests just about has a limited maximum of 80 centimeters.

 Function of a crawlspace

 Especially the crawl space has a storage function. This is to say that there is often chosen in order to establish the necessary pipes, cables, tubes, etc. within this space. It is also very important to keep in mind that the crawl space must always be ventilated light. Many people here do not mind allowing moisture finds any way out and after a while, unpleasant consequences entails. If you choose to create no crawl space in the home, you must keep in mind that piping is suddenly inaccessible, and groundwater can manifest them immediately under the floor of your home. This makes the risk of a poor living environment in your home very much.h

 Why insulate a crawl space?

 The crawl space provides a direct connection to the inside of the home. This connection ensures that unpleasant odors very easily find the way to your living room, for example, making it comfort is affected. But that’s not all because the crawl space is often also significantly colder than the space situated immediately below the floor.

  • This temperature difference may (in particular) in people with under floor heating to ensure that a significant part of the heat escapes through the ground. That in itself is not a problem, except that it will leave its mark on your energy bill. Insulate a crawl space is also definitely recommended.

 Benefits crawlspace insulation:

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 Crawl space insulation is interesting because of various factors. Initially, insulate the crawl space ensures that no heat can be lost for floors with underfloor heating. The crawl space is generally always colder than the surface of the floor itself whereby a significant part of the heating down and not released upwards. This causes a structural heat loss and a higher cost on your energy bill.

  • In addition, it is interesting because they crawl space insulation prevents rising moisture to the living room, and because of degradation, in particular, beams, floors and pipes can be prevented. By insulating the crawl space the indoor climate is also much drier which falls this much easier to heat and that has an impact on your energy bill.


 Placing crawlspace insulation requires a limited investment. This investment has a longer payback compared to e.g. roof insulation, but also provides a direct added value to your home. In addition, crawl space insulation ensures not only a healthier living environment; in addition, it is also the comfort benefits.